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Image for anime mult Zipang

Year: 2004

Genre: drama, war, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Furuhashi Kazuhiro

Autor: Kawaguchi Kaiji

Studio: Studio Deen

Time: 24 min

Description of Zipang

Yosuke kadomatsu a childhood dream to serve on warships, like his father -a major Japanese naval rank. Father instilled in the boy a sense of respect for the military past of Japan, despite the official pacifism. Already during his studies at the Military Academy in awe Yosuke attended church in honor of the famous World War II Admiral Yamamoto planned the Pearl Harbor.In the future, a brilliant young officer kadomatsu with two of his comrades sent to an elite destroyer "peace", equipped with ultra-modern Aegis system, through the powerful radar capable of intercepting enemy missiles. " Mirai " along with three other ships sent to the joint maneuvers with the US Navy under the Havana.But while sailing near Midway (the place of the largest US-Japan naval battle in 1942), the unexpected happened. Contrary to all forecasts, weather forecasters, the fleet suddenly overtaken by a powerful storm, color in the sky ominous color. The "peace" falls lightning, paralyzed at the time, all communication systems,after which the ship was surrounded by a strange green aura. communication devices work again and told amazing news - the destroyer is surrounded by forty ships, unresponsive! And the most striking - a giant ship ahead of you shocked sailors know the late Admiral Yamamoto `s flagship battleship "Yamato "sunk by the Americans in April 1945. When the shock passes, the Japanese realize that they had made a leap in time and got into the thick of the Battle of Midway. Whether sailors Change "peace" the course of history?

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