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Image for anime mult Zetman

Year: 2012

Genre: horrors, fiction, mysticism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nabeshima Osamu

Autor: Katsura Masakazu

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 25 min

Description of Zetman

Corporation " AMAG " created a genetically altered creatures called Players. Monsters fought to the death in gladiatorial combat clandestine rich idlers paid researchers reveled in the power of nature and the manager believes profits.It ended all natural - Players gained consciousness and break free, destroying the path of spectators and protection. However, Mitsugay AMAG, the company`s boss, has already had a trump card with which hoped to control the escaped monsters. The only leading scientist Goro Kanzaki, chief of realizing the plan and fled in terror,taking with him a baby - the main test object of the " Z ". Another strong professor was able to escape in the confusion, and soon to the homeless community under the bridge joined the two - an old man and his grandson. Jin Kanzaki grew, dividing time between lessons and grandfather playing with the defenders of justice and Kogoy Konoha - boys, apparently,not from a poor family. The guy from early childhood he knew that the harder and faster and is able to peer in the fight to overcome a couple of adults, that`s just trying to make a small business meets hot criticism of idealist Kogi. Childhood is over, when someone has destroyed the community and killed his grandfather and best friends were from the family of AMAG,which simply spit on the homeless. Had Jin beat to others - the same lonely and hard life broken. Protecting them and himself, he first woke ability Zetmena - Superman, which the corporation wishes to make a faithful servant. Now the game will go on as an adult and on a grand scale!

Images and photos of Zetman

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