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Yuru Yuri

Image for anime mult Yuru Yuri

Year: 2011

Genre: school, daily, parody

Type: tv_series

Producer: Oota Masahiko

Autor: Namori

Studio: Doga Kobo

Time: 24 min

Description of Yuru Yuri

Three old girlfriends together are in high school, which in Japan represents a new and important stage of teenage life. Noisy and fun Kyoko wants to draw more and more bold doujinshi about your favorite character, restrained beauty Yu dreams of "adult relationship"and a year younger rustic and clumsy Akari does not know what he wants. But the heroine was lucky - now the girl`s questions plaguing bytya can safely discuss after school in an abandoned tea clubhouse that Kyoko illegally seized. And since the spring of life on the doorstep, it spontaneously arose society called simply - "fun club"! So,we are waiting for another story about a friendly maiden company, an informal school club and a fun pastime. The girls are well together, and fight boredom and ordinariness may be tested methods - to attract new members to fend off ZLYKA of the school board, to go to the sea,as well as parodying everyone and everything! We have not seen one anime series within the other? Get ready. Will lily blossom? What do you think? It will be, and roses too!

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