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Yozakura Quartet

Image for anime mult Yozakura Quartet

Year: 2008

Genre: comedy, mysticism, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Matsuo Kou

Autor: Yasuda Suzuhito

Studio: Nomad

Time: 25 min

Description of Yozakura Quartet

The city Sakurasin, similar to a conventional modern city,youkai and humans live side by side in peace and harmony. Tengu, uni, kyoshi (zombies), charmers and many other creatures, having human form, go to work, study and relax, without being afraid that they will offend. Of course, they should not cause harm to others, otherwise will be punished. During the procedure the following command,Akin led from Hiidzumi family - only he is able to produce the "Settings", that is, to send to the other world of the soul of those youkai, who lost control of himself and become dangerous. Akin, chief of the Office of Life Advice youkai, are not too happy that he has inherited the gift, " Settings ", because most of his friends and colleagues - not people.But otherwise the city will cease to be a haven for youkai. This mystical story consists not only of fights with the use of supernatural powers. Even the young defenders of the city prefers to laze around in the office and engage in normal activities, what can we say about all of the other inhabitants Sakurasina! However, some youkai rest does not give the factthat eternal enemies were able to reconcile...

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