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Your Name.

Image for anime mult Your Name.

Year: 2016

Genre: school, daily, drama

Type: ova

Producer: Shinkai Makoto

Autor: Fujimaki Tadatoshi

Studio: Comix Wave Films Inc

Time: min

Description of Your Name.

The events of the film take place a month after Japan, the first time in a thousand years, it has fallen comet. In the center of the plot " stories about miracles and love " are Mizuho and Taki.Mizuho - high school girl from a provincial town, lost in the mountains. Her father - a local mayor, who is rarely at home, so most of the time she lives with her younger sister studying in elementary school, and his grandmother. Mizuho - honest girl, but she does not like her family customs Shrine and the facthis father again participate in the elections. And in general, it does not appeal to life in the countryside, instead she dreams about the wonders of Greater Tokyo. And one day, she dreams that she is a guy from the capital... Taki - a high school student who lives in the center of Tokyo. He communicates with friends and works part-time at an Italian restaurant,interested in architecture and other fine arts. Once Taki has a dream in which he is a schoolgirl of the mountain town, which had never been... Slogan film reads: " I`m looking for you, although we do not yet know "

Images and photos of Your Name.

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