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You are the Master and the Servant is Me [TV]

Image for anime mult You are the Master and the Servant is Me [TV]

Year: 2008

Genre: comedy, parody, ecchi

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kudo Susumu

Autor: Aoyama Goushou

Studio: A C G T

Time: 25 min

Description of You are the Master and the Servant is Me [TV]

Poor,but proud brother and sister Mihato Ren Uesugi and flee from drunken father from the remote provinces to the big city in search of happiness and a new life. Divided, they go in search of work, and, of course,honest and courageous Ren immediately rescued from the evils blonde " loli " with two long tails and care attitude to the rest of miru.Vot and get our heroes in the manor house, entering the service of the three sisters Kuonji. Senior - Sintra - a talented conductor, loves the same way to manipulate all the others,girl with absolutely no complexes. Average, already mentioned Mia - Family genius with an IQ of 240, a girl with a university education, to put it mildly, not looking his age. And there are still a schoolgirl Yume, which wants to give us something to stand out against the background of brilliant older sisters. Of course, the estate Kuonji already dour butler, maid quick-tempered,loyal bodyguard, and all live with mistresses large and happy family. Who would doubt that the newcomers, having passed severe tests and funny adventure, will find the new family of the place, and the road will be played with all the cliches of the genre of " servants and masters" with links to many other anime and even on Japanese history?

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