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Yoru no Yatterman

Image for anime mult Yoru no Yatterman

Year: 2015

Genre: adventures, comedy, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yoshihara Tatsuya

Autor: Kurii Cha

Studio: Tatsunoko

Time: 24 min

Description of Yoru no Yatterman

On a remote island lives a girl named Dorondzё and wants to see,what is behind the vast expanses of the ocean. And there lies the realm of Yatterman, a divine land, which manages the Union forces of justice. To save his ailing mother, she goes there for help, but hopes are destroyed, the help she has no one in itoge- mother dies. Left alone, she falls into one of the most famous bands,called Doronbo and starts to work on its leader Dokurobe. His two henchmen, and Boyakki Tondzura, fighting against Yattermanov, but in one of the skirmishes gang virtually all destroyed and its remnants into hiding on the far island. This is the story of a new generation Doronbo, Dorondzё, Boyakki and Tondzury, as well as telling about Ai- chan and the Gang-chan and they became Yattermanami.

Images and photos of Yoru no Yatterman

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