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Image for anime mult Yoiko

Year: 1998

Genre: daily, comedy, ecchi

Type: tv_series

Producer: Oomori Takahiro

Autor: Ishikawa Yuugo

Studio: Tezuka Productions

Time: 12 min

Description of Yoiko

Mladsheklassnitsa Esumi Fuca sat down with his uncle, aunt and their little boy (great fan of porn), because my mother went abroad. And in the beginning of the drop in the local school.That`s just it goes to class for young children, because she is still a child. Although already vymahala God forbid, and have grown all relying attributes. So she lives, learns, seduces brother... well, no, not offend it by chance it turns out, I guess. In short, my brother brought up a new toy. © StNekroman

Images and photos of Yoiko

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