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Yakitate!! Japan

Image for anime mult Yakitate!! Japan

Year: 2004

Genre: comedy, shounen, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Aoki Yasunao

Autor: Hashiguchi Takashi

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 25 min

Description of Yakitate!! Japan

Strong Japanese tradition,and most important of them - to borrow foreign so skillfully that it becomes a truly Japanese. This dream of a young self-taught baker Kazuma Azuma: create a Japanese bread " Japp," which can become famous all over the world. It does not matter that the bread remains in Japan to foreign dish - at Azuma is a gift "solar hands", intuition,experience of many years of experiments, a phenomenal optimism and perseverance. After high school, without special education, but full of enthusiasm, he arrives in Tokyo to get a job in a bakery shop central network in the country `s largest bakeries «Pantasia». Ahead of the most difficult exams and assignments, new friends and enemies, and, of course,Thousands retsov the best bread! Yakitate!! Japan - one of the brightest representatives of the relatively new " popular science " in the direction of the anime, the characteristic feature of which is the story based on any profession. There is a bakery art, bread making process - from the right ingredients to the finished product,all sorts of interesting facts from the history of cooking, as the Japanese and European cooking secrets and everything that is somehow connected with bread. Another remarkable feature of this comedy series - hyperbolized humor, reaching the sur and even science fiction, as well as constant wordplay and puns,harping on the realities of Japanese anime and dies.

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