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Yagami-kun`s Family Affairs

Image for anime mult Yagami-kun`s Family Affairs

Year: 1990

Genre: comedy, shounen, school

Type: ova

Producer: Sadamitsu Shinya

Autor: Kusunoki Kei

Studio: Production I G|kitty Films

Time: 30 min

Description of Yagami-kun`s Family Affairs

Yuji Yagami learns in high school, where all his classmates called " momma`s boy ", as he is in love with his mother. But this is not surprising,because his mother looks like a nice little 16 year old girl. To complicate matters further, his teacher, who is also in love with her. The very same mother does not pay attention to it all, as head over heels in love with her??husband. But it turns out that she is not alone in love with him. The secretary of her husband too keen on them, but when she finds out that he has such a pretty wife,it switches look Yuji. Yuji himself, except his mother`s love even in the biker that literally breaks it in half. And so at Yuji dilemma, so also in the class there is a new student who looks just like his mother. But it was not there, it turns out that it`s not her, and he did.

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