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Xenosaga: The Animation

Image for anime mult Xenosaga: The Animation

Year: 2005

Genre: adventures, shounen, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Koga Cuesi

Autor: Ooba Kai

Studio: Gathering

Time: min

Description of Xenosaga: The Animation

Japanese role-playing games, jRPG, most of them are probably much more (compared with other genres) suitable material for the film adaptation, as traditionally gravitate to the movies and, accordingly, the linearity of the scenarios.But their characters are numerous and carefully spelled out, the surrounding worlds unusual subtexts varied, and even a snake can turn the neck, if it is to crawl along the bends of the storyline. Actually, it is this game different from eastern western, and the TV series " Ksenosaga " - almost the quintessence of this approach.Fate it itself is very interesting: the project, full of references to everything what is possible, which is the background to the chetyrёhseriynaya cult, but not too popular video game Xenogears. The said Xenogears took place in 1998,boasted Cancel rollers (in the anime like quality of video on a rarity today) and a powerful story, but not the fun gameplay. Pretty soon he found fans (declare it almost the best game of all time) and opponents (still prefer to play rather than read text kilometer)And the last was more than that in a very modest rezultirovalos " box office " just predpriyatiya.Tem However, six years later (for playing - virtually an eternity) saw the light of the next game in the series, titled Xenosaga and Xenogears representing the background story. It was to be a project of a unique scale,but once again affected by the fact that its creators, it is able to compete with George. Lucas in the field plots and concepts does not possess his commercial flair. As a result, the success of the project was significantly lower than expected, and he lost one episode, and was made trёhseriynym. However,popularity was still sufficient to ensure that rights holders have seen fit to manufacture television series that has been done. The series was based on the first episode of the game and, unfortunately, almost verbatim repeated her story...

Images and photos of Xenosaga: The Animation

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Xenosaga The Animation Ksenosaga Xenosaga The Animation
Xenosaga The Animation Ksenosaga Xenosaga The Animation
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Xenosaga Wallpapers   WallpaperSafari_27
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Ksenosaga Anime (TV) (Xenosaga The Animation) 2005 Ot