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Xam`d: Lost Memories

Image for anime mult Xam`d: Lost Memories

Year: 2008

Genre: adventures, fiction, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Miyaji Masayuki

Autor: Nagaoka Yasuchika Author

Studio: Bones

Time: 25 min

Description of Xam`d: Lost Memories

Seventeen years ago, it ended a bloody war, but the world is too fragile. Here and there are explosions that suit white-haired children - refugees from the gods for Tessiki, for all other murderers.And in the sky above the island Sentan appear ships of the Northern government, marking the beginning of hostilities. Life Akiyuki school student and his friends changed forever when their hometown was attacked cheloformov dropped northerners. But even before the school bus exploded and Akiyuki turned into a creature called Ksam`d.Tessikanka Nakiami saved him from turning to stone, and took with him. Akiyuki Sentan was forced to leave and join the team "Zanbani" independent postal ship. Now the boy to learn to live with Ksam`dom and understand that it is necessary to this point.Meanwhile, the island Sentan becomes the basis for the creation of new weapons the southern continent... Bounen no Xamdou made in the best traditions of the series BONES: complex fantastic world of adventure and travel, religious fanatics and the military, well-developed characters and a gripping storyline characters.

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