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X - the Movie

Image for anime mult X - the Movie

Year: 1996

Genre: mysticism, drama

Type: ova

Producer: Rintaro

Autor: Watanabe Mami

Studio: Clamp|madhouse Studios

Time: 97 min

Description of X - the Movie

Modern Japan, Tokyo. Seven magical amulets,under the famous buildings in the city, guarded by well-being of the world. If they are destroyed, come to an end. 1999. Two groups of magicians ready to decide the fate of the world. Six of the Dragons of Heaven, headed dreamer Hinoto - guards Tokyo wards. Six of the Dragons of Earth headed dreamer Canoeing, sister Hinoto believethat the world is rotten and unworthy to continue to exist. They want to destroy the wards, to destroy the old world and on this basis to build a new, better than ever. But in fact, decide the fate of the world will be different. Kamui Shiro, a young man from the ancient magical race, returns to Tokyo. He must choose a side, joined.And then the other side will stand his best friend, Mono Fuma...

Images and photos of X - the Movie

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