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Image for anime mult X-Men

Year: 2011

Genre: adventures, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kizaki Fuminori

Autor: Hirota Mitsutaka

Studio: Aic Plus

Time: 25 min

Description of X-Men

The evolution continues! Among homo sapiens gradually there is a new race with unusual abilities - someonethen he mastered the elements, found incredible strength and speed, others read thoughts or pass through walls. Fear, curiosity, hostility, aggression - that`s the reaction of ordinary people to those whose existence is no longer a secret to the public. The powers are seeking control of mutants, several mutants openly declare that they just " the next step "it is necessary to unite and rule " little people." Only a small group of talented concerned no power or personal gain, and the search for consensus in a new world, helping people and their fellows. Their names are simple - "X-Men ". After many battles, great victories and bitter failure, the group of Professor Xavier dissipated.But once an alarm comes (of course!) From Japan, and a brief investigation shows that the trouble threatens not to individuals, and the fate of the world. This means that the Cyclops, Storm, Beast and Wolverine `s time once again to get into the iksoplan and fly to the island, in the Tohoku district, where they are most needed.Behind the disappearance of a young mutant Hisako visible roots far more sinister conspiracy. But who doubts the success? Japan had never seen such invasion of western superheroes!

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