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Image for anime mult X

Year: 2001

Genre: shoujo, mysticism, bl_gl

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kawajiri Yoshiaki

Autor: Kawajiri Yoshiaki

Studio: Clamp|madhouse Studios

Time: 25 min

Description of X

When fifteen Kamui Shiro returned to Tokyo after a long absence, he could not imagine what catastrophic consequences it will bring. We do not know about his future, his childhood friends - Fuma Mono and his younger sister Kotori. But their fate was sealed. To be a battle of the Apocalypse: the Earth Dragons, Angels,They are seeking to destroy the world in order to save nature from people. They are opposed by the Dragons of Heaven - Keepers, have taken the side of humanity and restraint in Tokyo kekkay barriers. The representatives of the warring parties - powerful mages who live a double life, each with its own past, dreams and hopes. Besides,in this battle involved prophetess Hinoto Princess and her sister Canoeing - and predictions, dreams and vision play a significant role in what`s happening. However, each of the characters - a figure on the chessboard of fate. "X" is rightly considered to cult TV series: it features some great visual study of, wonderful soundtrack,excellent cast of. But the main thing here - the plot and the ideas, which are incorporated into it. There can not be a solution that will satisfy the warring parties, and reconciliation is impossible. How can you choose between the people - and the Earth?

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