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Wonderful Days

Image for anime mult Wonderful Days

Year: 2003

Genre: shounen, fiction, action

Type: not_japanese

Producer: Kim Moon Saeng

Autor: Takahashi Ryousuke

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 90 min

Description of Wonderful Days

Future. The land is poisoned by toxic emissionsflooded with toxic waste dumps pitted malicious. The protected city Ekoban elite live in prosperity and security, while the inhabitants of the surrounding land is slowly dying out in inhumane conditions. When there is a rumor that the level of pollution falls, power Ekoban increase emissions,to save the country the status of the promised land. Against the background of this decision caused unrest Suha, a resident of the outside world, drives towards Ekoban to turn off the host computer and stop the deadly contamination. But suddenly on his way there is Jay, a childhood friend.Now she holds the position of the City Protection and forced torn between duty and loyalty to law minister to your loved one...

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