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Wonder Momo

Image for anime mult Wonder Momo

Year: 2014

Genre: adventures, school, comedy

Type: ona

Producer: Kagawa Yutaka

Autor: Sukaji

Studio: Graphinica

Time: 7 min

Description of Wonder Momo

anime`s plot is based on the play, which was published already in 1987. Near Momo and awkward schoolgirl dreams of becoming an idol, but on the way to the next casting meets the stranger, granting her superhuman powers - that it protected the Earth from alien invasion.

Images and photos of Wonder Momo

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Momo Bonus Art by Omar Dogan on DeviantArt_12
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The symbiotic relationship between anime and games  The Japan Times_15
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Wonder Momo – 01  Random Curiosity_28
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Wonder Momo Battle Idol Manga 01 (Hardback) (Color)_16
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Wonder Momo OP   YouTube_14
Wonder Momo page 178 panel 2 by Omar Dogan on DeviantArt_10
Wonder Momo pge 160 by Omar Dogan on DeviantArt_20
Wonder Momo   Queen#39s Blade Wiki   Wikia_25
Wonder Momo returning with new PC game, anime   Gematsu_27
Zombified Reboot Sees Wonder Momo Get Anime Series   Anime Herald_4
Anime Wonder
Anime Wonder
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