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Image for anime mult Wolverine

Year: 2011

Genre: fight, shounen, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Aoyama Hiroshi

Autor: Akahori Satoru

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 23 min

Description of Wolverine

Old Canadian soldiers Logan back in the ranks and pleases fans of brutal views, lush whiskers,adamantium claws and eternal can of beer! According to the canonical biography, even during WWII he served in Japan, appreciated and loved the local culture, and now, strengthening the ranks of " X-Men " and the already impressive capabilities, returned to the Land of the Rising Sun, to deal with some personal issues. It happened,that the main problem of name Mariko, and her father (quite by accident) is not only a great master of the sword, but the head of the largest mafia syndicate Japan. However, soon after his arrival in Tokyo Logan once again convinced that Japan - not America, and some strokes claws here issues are not solved. East - a delicate matter, the approach requires,the ability to talk with people. That`s just talk this on every continent, sooner or later end up the same way - either that, or in another way, and only then the main character there are few equals. Enemies can be wooden or Bock -the-art technology - Wolverine anyway, because the outcome of the battle depends not from opponents, but from himself.But will Logan fortitude and skill to defeat the very fate?

Images and photos of Wolverine

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