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Wild Adapter

Image for anime mult Wild Adapter

Year: 2014

Genre: bl_gl, action, drama

Type: ova

Producer: Kuzuya Naoyuki

Autor: Minekura Kazuya

Studio: Anpro

Time: 30 min

Description of Wild Adapter

Modern Tokyo. Drugs, prostitutes, underground gambling houses. And those who " keeps " all that - it is rumored yakudza.O as an excellent player in Mahjong. He has a "strong fist" and look nihilists.His name is Makoto Kubota. It is, without flinching, can kill, and then look at the sky, thinking about tomorrow`s weather. It is woven of contradictions. It is the same as the city around - lives to zhit.Tokito Minoru - a man without a past. He had to die, but it so happened that he was dying in the doorway, Kubota came across and took to himself." One day I picked up the cat... " What happened to the love these two? What is their past and is there a future?

Images and photos of Wild Adapter

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Wild Adapter Manga   Chapter 7   Page 1 of 35   AnimeA_25
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Wild Adapter Wallpaper #2 (Anime
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Wild Adapter Wild Adapter Ova (1 set of 2) watch online
Wild Adapter manga will be screened April 11, 2012 Asia
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