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Wicked City

Image for anime mult Wicked City

Year: 1987

Genre: seinen, fiction, horrors

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kawajiri Yoshiaki

Autor: Kikuchi Hideyuki

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 80 min

Description of Wicked City

Few people know,that parallel world familiar to us there is an alternative Black World, which is inhabited by demons, the ability to change his appearance and has a powerful magical powers. Clash of the inhabitants of the two worlds is fraught with undesirable consequences, but because every five hundred years between them signed a peace agreement,preventing the penetration of demons into our world. Guarding the ceasefire are the secret elite unit, called the Sentinels Nigra, which include representatives of both parties. The validity of the existing contract is coming to an end, and for the signing of a new in our world comes Giuseppe, a special spiritual medium,without whose presence it is impossible to conclude an agreement. However, in the Black World is maturing conspiracy of some sinister sect whose goal is to disrupt the signing of the worlds and plunge into chaos. Attackers are planning to eliminate Giuseppe, and appointed a couple of best Black Guard to protect it - playboy Taki on our part and compelling Mackey, a female demon.It is the fate of the world in their hands. The film of the famous director Yoshiaki Kavadziri combining stylish eroticism, gloomy atmosphere of the film noir thriller and rapid dynamics.

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