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White Album II

Image for anime mult White Album II

Year: 2009

Genre: music, drama, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Esida Taidzo

Autor: Yamaguchi Hiroshi

Studio: Gohands

Time: 25 min

Description of White Album II

The action takes the series in 1986. Third- Toya Fuji learnsthat his girlfriend Yuki Morikawa was among prospective aydoru ("idols") production company Ogata. Although Yuki only " in the wings " have to work a lot, because their meetings are becoming increasingly rare and brief. Toya can only complain Akira best friend, with whom he works part-time at a cafe. And what can you do - izthe bad relationship with his father, our hero forever on financial shoals. Meanwhile, Yuki, in spite of the soft and gentle character, intrigue and machinations of rivals, worked its way up the steps of the stage career, earning the respect and friendship Rina Ogata - the main star of the company and the owner of her sister.Rina like an older friend decides to help Yuki with the device personal life, tells her how to free up time for meetings, and even met with Toei. That`s how a poor student concerns becomes twice. And when you consider childhood friend Haruka and careless pupil of Manu, which Touya took a pull on his head in the exact sciences,it becomes clear - to record all the personal problems the protagonist needs a very big album!

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