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Weathering Continent

Image for anime mult Weathering Continent

Year: 1992

Genre: fantasy, adventures

Type: special

Producer: Mashimo Koichi

Autor: Takekawa Sei

Studio: Production I G

Time: 54 min

Description of Weathering Continent

Three traveler - a warrior, a wizard and a girl - cross the land,devastated by centuries of environmental disasters. In its journey the characters are faced with treasure hunters, and then enter the Ahzek SISTROM, the legendary City of the Dead. Curse on the city, threatening death to anyone who disturbed the peace of spirits. No one has yet been able to find a way out of the City of the Dead,but that does not stop the bandits from the desert, who seek to rob the dead and ready to destroy anyone who gets in their way. The film is an adaptation of one of the stories fantasy series The Weathering Continent, written and illustrated Seem Takegavoy Mutsumi Inomata. The series began publication in October 1990.A total of 28 volumes and a large number of amendments was issued.

Images and photos of Weathering Continent

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Destruction continent Seared continent Kaze no Tairiku