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Waza no Tabibito

Image for anime mult Waza no Tabibito

Year: 2011

Genre: adventures, comedy, ecchi

Type: ova

Producer: Macuena Siun

Autor: Matsuena Shun

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 30 min

Description of Waza no Tabibito

Wandering creators - the people that are able to control the force of heart and change the world around you! Tecun with his eternally grumpy companion Sovenko is just learning the magic of his heart,but fate has in store for them meeting for which they are waiting for the real test! Mangaka Xiong Matsuena independently worked on his film for three years.

Images and photos of Waza no Tabibito

AOI Corner 2011 06 26_17.JPG
Image   Uimp waza no tabibito 001 012 013   History#39s ..._1
Syun Matsuena  Cross Rinne Journals_2
Waza no Tabibito (Anime, 2011, Movie)_7
Waza no Tabibito (Anime, 2011, Movie)_9
Waza no Tabibito (Anime, 2011, Movie)_10
Waza no Tabibito (Anime, 2011, Movie)_16
Waza no Tabibito (Anime, 2011, Movie)_19
Waza no Tabibito (Anime, 2011, Movie)_20
Waza no Tabibito (Anime, 2011, Movie)_21
Waza no Tabibito (Anime, 2011, Movie)_22
Waza no Tabibito, lo último de Shun Matsuena   Ramen Para Dos_3
Waza no Tabibito 3  gogomanga_8
Waza no Tabibito 3  gogomanga_15
Waza no Tabibito  AnimeClick.it_11
Waza no Tabibito  AnimeClick.it_12
Waza no Tabibito  AnimeClick.it_13
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