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Waiting in the Summer

Image for anime mult Waiting in the Summer

Year: 2012

Genre: comedy, fiction, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nagai Tatsuyuki

Autor: Takeda Hiromitsu|kuroda Yousuke

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 24 min

Description of Waiting in the Summer

Japanese high school students on summer nights is dangerous to approach the local waters! But the 16-year-old Kaito Kirishima could not resist and went at night looking to try a new film camera, but did not remove anything in the lake down a spaceship! Kaito wrote off all morning in the bad dreams and went to school. Vague doubts have begun to move in the shower,When a new student saw Kirishima called ITIC Takatsuki. Feeling that it invisibly attracted to beauty with bright red hair, a hero could not decide, but helped Tetsuro, best friend, and the first guy in the village. He presented Kaito both filmgoers and jokingly suggested the newcomer to become a star of the new film.She gladly agreed! So it all started to happen before the summer break. The scenario assumed a mysterious baby Raymond, on the second role of the hero classmate signed Mio and Cannes (and one of them, the second part does not suit!). The very same Kaito foundthat under the influence of communication with ITIC mysteriously liberating and starts to behave not as flimsy bespectacled man, but as a normal guy, that is cleaner Tetsuro. How else to explain that on the same day a new friend moved in with him,and older sister and omnipresent night Canna poor caught in a very ambiguous position? They do not prove that it was the gene therapy session galactic!

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