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W - Wish

Image for anime mult W - Wish

Year: 2004

Genre: school, romance, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Sekita Osamu

Autor: Hasegawa Katsumi

Studio: Trinet Entertainment|picture Magic

Time: 12 min

Description of W - Wish

At first, looking at the first few episodes, I could not even imagine how twisted plot! Bring simple and unpretentious, at first glance,the story of the life of high school students to a completely unexpected ending with the collapse of the existence and disappearance of objective reality! What a twist! However, IMHO, worth in a fatal style and finish, because there is nothing that does not paint a good anime, as the tragic end of the story. And the more it tears the soul of the viewer, the more his feelings,and the longer this history is stored in the memory of the animeshniki. Drawing animation and sound now traditionally good. It is a pity that the story ends too quickly. I would love to see more episodes as 100.:) P.S. On the basis of romantic simulator.

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