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VividRed Operation

Image for anime mult VividRed Operation

Year: 2013

Genre: adventures, ecchi, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takamura Kazuhiro

Autor: Yoshino Hiroyuki

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 25 min

Description of VividRed Operation

An eccentric genius Kenjiro Isshiki built in the archipelago Izu perpetual motion machine, which in unimaginable quantities draws its energy from the sky. Unfortunately, when you start an accident occurred in which Kenjiro lost -in-law, his daughter fell into a coma, but the " car coming" as called miracle device, yet earned.Serious people quickly removed unreliable scientist with the object and began to create a new world order, and Isshiki went to the neighboring island of Izu Oshima live out and to raise the age of two granddaughters. Humanity has received the energy bonus, moved to universal happiness and prosperity, and few understand,that on a tropical island Blue stands are not a cornucopia, a box Pandory.Proshlo seven years.14 Isshiki Akane -year-old became the main breadwinner of the family, 12 -year-old Momo grew skillful hostess, and their grandfather was sitting in a home lab and spent all the money it is not clear what. And then suddenly came the aliens - Arona and laser volleys lucidly hintedthat the tube is now the new owner. Missiles, ships and aircraft were powerless against the monsters, 20 -meter robotic hand was not, because earthlings had to resort to the last and reliable weapon that is wise sensei managed to create a catastrophe. Which, I guess? Well girls,them in this genre in colorful costumes run should be, but what he `s grandfather to ferret something become?

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