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Viper`s Creed

Image for anime mult Viper`s Creed

Year: 2009

Genre: fiction, adventures, mechanism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Aramaki Shinji

Autor: Akabosi Masanao|aramaki Shinji

Studio: Digital Frontier|aic Spirits

Time: 25 min

Description of Viper`s Creed

In «Viper`s Creed» action takes place in the 21st century: the environmental disaster, the terrorists, the impact of war, dictatorship... In the center of the story - the life of fighters private military company (PMC) - something like a private special forces. Clear,very soon these guys come into conflict with both the regular army and the terrorists, against which, in fact, act. The chief director of the project - Shinji Aramaki («Appleseed», «Megazone 23 Part III», «Madox- 01 "), director - Hiroyuki Kanbe (involved in the work on «Le Chevalier D`Eon», «Chrono Crusade»).The main characters voiced by Takaya Kuroda, he voiced many anime characters, in particular, Darcy «Wolf`s Rain», and Megumi Toyoguchi, a very famous seiyuu, voice of many characters, such as Revie in «Black Lagoon». The project work just two studio AIC Spirits and Digital Frontier.

Images and photos of Viper`s Creed

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