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Violinist Of Hamelin - The Movie

Image for anime mult Violinist Of Hamelin - The Movie

Year: 1996

Genre: comedy, fantasy, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Imanishi Takashi

Autor: Watanabe Michiaki

Studio: Gainax|shaft

Time: min

Description of Violinist Of Hamelin - The Movie

15 years ago, the demons troops under the command of King Bass attacked sforzando kingdom, ruled by Queen Horn. Desperate willed queen managed to create a huge magic circle, defended her country. Any demon that falls within this range,It turns into stone. At the same time the servants of the Queen managed to save a little princess Flute and forward it to the village of Staccato, away from the clutches of demons. Now the forces of Queen Horn began to wane, and the demons led by Bass started preparing a new invasion. Flute And so must return to the royal palace -Only she can save his country from the new ruin. A little later than the flute in staccato settled Hamel, son of the sorceress Pandora. At his mother Hamel learned to play the violin, the magical music, which can overcome the demons and inspire soldiers. And now Hamel Flute must hold to the palace. But he -Pandora`s son from one of the strongest demons. And the two paths open to him...

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