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Video Girl Ai

Image for anime mult Video Girl Ai

Year: 1992

Genre: romance, drama, fiction

Type: ova

Producer: Nishikubo Mizuho

Autor: Katsura Masakazu

Studio: Production I G

Time: 30 min

Description of Video Girl Ai

Ёuta Moteuti - typical loser.On top of all misfortunes, his secret love - sweet and cute girl named Maugham - recognizes that in love with his best friend! Walking through the streets of the city at night, Ёuta stumbles upon a strange store videotapes. His eye catches a cassette from the section " for adults ", the cover of which the charming girl promises him,that will make you forget all the sadness. He takes the tape in the rental. House when the guy with all the comfort settles on the couch and includes a VCR, a short circuit occurs. Here begins to happen something absolutely incredible - the girl with the tape gets out of the TV screen! This creature says its name is Ai Amano, she -" Videodevushka " and is going to help him arrange a personal life. That`s just it behaves strangely. However, she still manages to fall in love with Ёutu that videodevushkam strictly prohibited. Big trouble threatens them both. Does love endure all the trials will be able to? After all, it is not as easy as it seemed at first. (C) Kamui,

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