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Variable Geo

Image for anime mult Variable Geo

Year: 1996

Genre: adventures, ecchi, shounen

Type: ova

Producer: Yoshida Tooru

Autor: Katsu Aki

Studio: Chaos Project

Time: 30 min

Description of Variable Geo

Variable Geo is focused only on the male population! Girls looking for somethingsomething else! Short skirts, tight shirts, fights beautiful ladies... We must really try to find someone to whom they do not like it)) It can be said that such a concept that`s able to pull deliberately failed project...... story... Hmm. The plot is like what it is - it`s the championship V.G. But honestly, watch the episode data 3,It is like to read an excerpt from the novel " War and Peace". All this to the fact that the series throws us into the thick of the story! And who is the main character and how she had such sverhordinarnogo force and what is going on in the world - all this think out for yourself! Such a feeling that the creators conceived to do much more,but on 3 episodes did not get. It`s a pity. They are very good at it! Very pleased with the style of the image of the main characters. Very, very nice!!! All they had with them on the spot)) Oh yes! It may be noted a very good tradition V.G. Championship - Lost the battle she would have to take off all my clothes...)) In general.3 episodes left a very good impression. So, if reconsidered everything planned, then you can safely spend a little time on Variable Geo!

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