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Vampire Wars

Image for anime mult Vampire Wars

Year: 1990

Genre: action, fantasy, vampires

Type: ova

Producer: Takenouchi Kazuhisa

Autor: Kasai Kiyoshi

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 50 min

Description of Vampire Wars

The Seine in Paris fished the corpse of a CIA agent. Is it an attack on the NASA base in Arizona desert is due? Monsieur Lazaar of a famous French intelligence decides that there is a connection. For the production of information, he hires the international criminals, terrorists and spies Kusaboro Cookies. Kuki learns that history is somehow connected with the film star Lamia.She becomes the object of surveillance by the CIA and the mysterious cult of the modern vampire. Cookies untangle whether this thing or another will be drowned in the Seine?

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