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Unlimited Psychic Squad

Image for anime mult Unlimited Psychic Squad

Year: 2013

Genre: action, adventures, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Igarashi Tatsuya

Autor: Shiina Takashi

Studio: Manglobe Inc

Time: 24 min

Description of Unlimited Psychic Squad

Owners of super-powers have long been part of this world. Espers, as ordinary people, are different: one lives for others who use the gift only for themselves, but on the other he does not care. To retain power,successfully fight the cunning criminals and rebellious genius, masters of life from different countries use their own gifted - both adults who are being held on the hook, and children, which is easier to manage. To " delightful kids ` Kaoru and Aoi Shiho, whose adventures became widely known, the world is, of course, is simple and straightforward, but maybethe other side, too, there is a truth once Kёsuke Hёbu also served as the home country under the beloved commander, for which the grateful Fatherland awarded him - a bullet in the head. Having survived and got stronger in the fighting, the organization created Kёsuke PANDRA, bailed out of trouble a lot of relatives and took a personal war against those who use Espers like consumablesAs fuel for their ambitions. Of course, the authorities announced Hёbu terrorist number one, but among the owners of Gift attitude towards the grim alone otherwise, and even " kids " began to seem to understand something. And how is the " fisher of men "? And it is in the eternal struggle can only wait and hope that one redhead to grow, become wiser and, finally,worthy of his queen (!

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