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Un-Go: Inga-ron

Image for anime mult Un-Go: Inga-ron

Year: 2011

Genre: mysticism, detective, tragedy

Type: ova

Producer: Mizushima Seiji

Autor: Sakaguchi Ango

Studio: Bones

Time: 45 min

Description of Un-Go: Inga-ron

In the near future, Japan suffered another war and slowly, with difficulty rises again from the ashes. Any war - is breaking the routine, the destruction of the theater, On the stage where there is no place good and evil, but only the end and the means. But sooner or later, life comes to normal, and yesterday`s heroes in vain hope that the "fog of war". With this in mind, the characters are sent to the ball in the old style, which suits Cano, a major politician and businessman.Being under investigation on suspicion of profiteering on war contracts, the landlord wants to save face and make a loud statement, but... falls on the scene with a knife in the back.

Images and photos of Un-Go: Inga-ron

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