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Ultimate Girl

Image for anime mult Ultimate Girl

Year: 2005

Genre: comedy, seinen, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Mutou Yuuji

Autor: Hongou Akiyoshi

Studio: Studio C

Time: 13 min

Description of Ultimate Girl

More Japan since Godzilla was loved by a wide variety of monsters. And here comes the time when the Japanese capital is becoming a Mecca of giant monsters, regularly visiting Tokyo on Monday, where in the framework of the TV show face off with the savior of the nation - a giant Supermenom.V one of these fights Superman (the Japanese called it a UFO -men,as he flew out of nowhere and then flew off to God knows where) accidentally crushed three schoolgirls - girlfriends who carelessly close to the site of the Battle of the Giants. Savior of the nation was uncomfortable in front of the girls, and he animates them, divided between the three body, and soul, and in return they promised him that they would on Monday to protect Tokyo from the monsters.the UFO -man himself, giving them their power, reduced to the size of toy -balls with a long phallus, holding that women are carried up to a fight with another monster, turning at the same time in tridtsatimetrovoy Ultra - energy devushek.Odnako Superman is only enough for a few minutes then there is the process of returning to its previous appearance,starting with the fact that the ultra - girls bursting clothes, and they appear in front of all of Tokyo is almost in the buff. Then he opens the source of incredible power - M.O.E.- energy directly proportional to the shame of naked girls in front of crowds of onlookers. If the girl really shy, then liberated M.O.E.-energy allows it to easily destroy the monster before it will return to its normal size and lost in tolpe.Po obvious reasons, women do not tell anyone that they have a huge ultra- naked girls who fight monsters on Mondays,and their attempts to conceal from others their dual nature leads to many funny situations in this highly frivolous comedy from the author and Green Green Green Green Thirteen: Erolutions.

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