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UFO Princess Valkyrie

Image for anime mult UFO Princess Valkyrie

Year: 2002

Genre: macho_shoujo, kemonobito, ecchi

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ueda Shigeru

Autor: Kaishaku

Studio: Tnk

Time: 23 min

Description of UFO Princess Valkyrie

In modern society, no one is surprised aliens.They coexist peacefully with humans, live with us and go to our schools. But sometimes there are times when our destinies are intertwined with an alien culture. In the house in no way suspecting Kazuto, she dumped an alien ship with prodigious girl - Valkyrie. All would be Nothing, fix the house, and all the works,but no. As it turned out badly, that the crash was the young man`s life is not compatible with the real world, and a great inoplanetke had to give half of his soul. Having a piece of the soul, it loses some of its suschnochti and becomes a baby that remains to live with his " chosen one."When you kiss their souls interact, and it finds its true form, alas, until such time as will not spend energy. But nothing will prevent true love?

Images and photos of UFO Princess Valkyrie

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