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Image for anime mult Tytania

Year: 2008

Genre: war, seinen, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ishiguro Noboru

Autor: Tanaka Yoshiki

Studio: Artland

Time: 25 min

Description of Tytania

In the distant future, mankind has mastered the Universe and populated the many planets. Peace and tranquility provides military power Titania - aristocratic family, which keeps at bay the remains available kingdoms and even the emperor. Empire itself exists only because warships of Titania.At the head of this kind are experienced military leaders and politicians. They are used to winning, so why blow for them is unexpected resistance a small fleet Eurii, which is headed by an unknown Admiral Fan Hyulik. And to replace the recent stability comes the threat of uprisings... The emphasis on politics and military affairs,and thoughtful attitude to the problems of power, freedom and society gives this show the seriousness and depth. "Titania" - a space opera, where the first place is not the pathos and huge battle ships, but the pride of the nobility and courage of the rebels, the awareness of his duty and destiny of choice for everyone. Besides,it should be noted trivial plot twists, truly adult characters and dynamics of action, as well as the design techniques, costumes, buildings.

Images and photos of Tytania

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