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Turn A Gundam

Image for anime mult Turn A Gundam

Year: 1999

Genre: mechanism, fiction, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tomino Yoshiyuki

Autor: Tomino Yoshiyuki

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 25 min

Description of Turn A Gundam

The new line of the epic. 2345 since the beginning of the space settlement.The inhabitants of the earth due to the greater war, lost all the old knowledge in the art, and the planet is plunged into the swamp of feudal wars. The colonists on the Moon decided to return to Earth. Despite the peaceful mood lunarian leaders, because of the actions of hostile activists erupted sluggish, but nonetheless a brutal and senseless war.Despite the attempts to negotiate at the highest levels, unauthorized actions of the military pushed the war to continue over and over again, in spite of the apparent possibility of a peaceful solution. One man tries to smooth out the corners in the conflict lunarian and earthlings - a young man named Laurent Sheak, lunariansky scout accident has found an ancient artifact -" Mobile suit ". He is a subject of the Queen of the colonists, forced to fight on the side of the earthlings...

Images and photos of Turn A Gundam

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turn a gundam funny pictures and other fun comics hyphae
turn a gundam funny pictures and other fun comics hyphae
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