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Image for anime mult Tsuritama

Year: 2012

Genre: comedy, shounen, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nakamura Kenji

Autor: Oono Toshiya

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 25 min

Description of Tsuritama

17-year-old Yuki Sanada lives with her due to her work often moves, changing schools. It would seem that man must become a seasoned traveler, skilful narrator, who is not the devil`s brother,but actually Sanada each time more and more shy people writhing in shame horrible grimaces. Self-confidence is not gaining, even in ancient Kamakura, on the wonderful island of Enoshima in the new class as usual our hero "stood on the handbrake" cruel suffering soul. Spas position another newcomer, and merry backslapper Haru,who broke into the classroom and immediately offered Yuki... go fishing! Haru, in fact, turned out to be an alien - either from the depths of space, or of the unknown world of magic. Together with his sister-werewolf he was desperately looking for someone that can catch on Enoshima some fish - and how did you realize found. By acting with a kind word and magical water pistol,Haru together a team of Yuki, the local noble fisherman Natsuki and himself. Fishing - a great thing, but to help a friend told the Buddha himself - as a reward and Yuki with Natsuki will get a chance to solve personal problems. Now we have to collect fishing rods, to clean the spinner and moving sea - taking girls for the company and an Indian prince with handmade duck Tapioca!

Images and photos of Tsuritama

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