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Tsubasa -Reservoir Chronicle- Tokyo Revelations

Image for anime mult Tsubasa -Reservoir Chronicle- Tokyo Revelations

Year: 2007

Genre: romance, drama, fantasy

Type: ova

Producer: Tada Shunsuke

Autor: Ookawa Nanase

Studio: Clamp|production I G

Time: min

Description of Tsubasa -Reservoir Chronicle- Tokyo Revelations

This trёhseriynaya OVA manga CLAMP is an extension of two seasons of the series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, which tells about attempts to Sakura, the princess of Clow The sides, back your memories, taken away and scattered in the form of feathers on parallel worlds magician Fei Wong Reed.This time the heroine and her friends get into the post-apocalyptic Tokyo. After the disaster there survived only a few buildings, and the survivors are fighting among themselves for the main resource of the world - water. To view: 1. Chronicle Wings (first season) 2. Chronicle Wings - Movie 3. Chronicle Wings (second season) 4. Chronicle Wings OVA-1 May.Chronicle Wings OVA-2

Images and photos of Tsubasa -Reservoir Chronicle- Tokyo Revelations

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