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Tsubasa to Hotaru

Image for anime mult Tsubasa to Hotaru

Year: 2014

Genre: shoujo, school, romance

Type: ona, short

Producer: Kon Chiaki

Autor: Fukuda Hiroshi

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 14 min

Description of Tsubasa to Hotaru

This story is about a fifteen-year high school student named Tsubasa Sonokava.Once at the station Tsubasa faints, and it saves the guy who turned her from undergraduate school, and then she falls in love with a lifeguard. She thinks it was a fateful meeting and now visits him every day in the classroom. In the end, the guy says Tsubasa that she felt intrusive, and eventually breaks a relationship with her.His grief Tsubasa shared with childhood friend - Juri, during the conversation it turns out that Yuri has recently sprained arm and her difficult to carry out their duties basketball team manager, Tsubasa immediately offers to help. On the first day of her rescue from a member of the basketball team ball - Aki, Tsubasa soon to learn more aboutthat connects them with Aki...

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