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Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Series

Image for anime mult Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Series

Year: 2006

Genre: drama, adventures, fantasy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Mashimo Koichi

Autor: Kawasaki Hiroyuki

Studio: Clamp|bee Train

Time: 25 min

Description of Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Series

A screen adaptation of the highly popular manga, built on a mixture of characters from different worlds «Clamp» studio. The storyline associated with Shaoranom and Sakura («Card Captor Sakura»), who are forced to travel for the lost memory of Sakura.This incident was a set-shady characters who need the ability to navigate the worlds of Sakura and change them. Who will win: the fate or will the main character? The slow narrative is full of events and experiences, not bad painted in the corporate style «Clamp» and supplemented by easy pleasant humor. To view: 1.Chronicle of the Wings (first season) 2. Chronicle Wings - Movie 3. Chronicle Wings (second season) 4. Chronicle Wings OVA-1 5. Chronicle Wings OVA-2

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Anime Cosplay Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd S
Anime Cosplay Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Se
Anime Cosplay Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Se
Anime Cosplay Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Se
Anime Cosplay Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Se
Anime Cosplay Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Se
Anime Cosplay Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Se
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