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Trinity Seven

Image for anime mult Trinity Seven

Year: 2014

Genre: fantasy, school, ecchi

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nishikiori Hiroshi

Autor: Saitou Kenji

Studio: Seven Arcs

Time: 25 min

Description of Trinity Seven

Kasuga Arata Life went on as usual, and everything would be fine, but that`s only the last few days, our hero lived in peace and tranquility, were nothing more than an illusion,created a powerful artifact. But it was only her unwind as appeared true before his eyes: the sun in the sky was black, childhood friend disappeared and his native city was razed to the ground... All that is left at the Arata - mysterious grimoire created the illusion and the cruel reality, with which he has yet to face...On his way he will learn a lot about what happened. In the meantime, the only thing he wants - is to return his girlfriend. To do this, he takes on a number of circumstances at the Royal Academy, "The Bible", which is facing the beautiful sorcerers, calling themselves the Trinity, the amount of a sudden, in the number of deadly sins.

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