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Trava - Fist Planet

Image for anime mult Trava - Fist Planet

Year: 2002

Genre: adventures, comedy, fiction

Type: ova

Producer: Ishii Katsuhito

Autor: Ishii Katsuhito

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 12 min

Description of Trava - Fist Planet

Captain Travastila Anister nicknamed Grass - the best operator of combat robots, called Force,in his army the world. The pilot skill as he surpassed his colleagues that his superiors did not find anything better than to simply dismiss it with the best mechanic Shinkai. After Shinkai gathered strength from the excellent material at hand - Spidmastera,friends decided to try his luck at the regularly scheduled tournament intergalactic forces in fist fight - the so-called Interplanetary Fist, a victory which promise huge jackpot. One problem - required a considerable fee for participation in the competition,and Grass with Shinkai took tempting offer service planetary exploration off on the distant planet of Fable, where it was necessary to carry out work on the layout of some areas 78. However, the friends alarmed that in such a simple task was offered a round sum of money, and a recent expedition to the planet for some reason Area 78 is bypassed party. But in this situation I do not have to choose, and with foreboding grass and Shinkai flew on Fable...

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