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Transformers: Energon

Image for anime mult Transformers: Energon

Year: 2004

Genre: shounen, adventures, mechanism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kawagoe Jun

Autor: Fujishima Kousuke

Studio: Actas Inc

Time: 24 min

Description of Transformers: Energon

Ten years have passed since the moment when Megatron was missing, but was defeated Unicron... Decepticons and Autobots live in barely restrained the world, trying to work together to develop the place of extraction of energon. A young lad by the name of Kicker,who since childhood (after meeting with Primus " th) gained the ability to feel energon, it helps detect energon on Earth based Autobots named Ocean City At this very moment a few fortifications Autobots -. on Mars and other planets attacking unknown forces hordes creatures resembling robots, Transformers.Elite team leader of the Autobots Grand Convoy stands in search of the enemy, but to find in their path only ruins, go to the home planet of the people and give battle to the enemy in the world. Using their abilities, Grand Convoy and his naprniki easily beat off the attack, but as a wise understands Convoy, this is only the beginning...the beginning of a new war... Continued Micron Densetsu (Armada), Transformers: SuperLink is primarily a technology for creating a new animation - anime mix with three-dimensional graphics (for celshading technology). All robots are designed as full 3D models that distortion robot eliminates proportions in different modes,and gives the film an even greater reality. The storyline, exactly like the atmosphere of the series become more mature...! Much less lisping child (that the order lacked in previous generations), much more sense and the real problems faced by the heroes. And evil is already much more conscious, is not absolute,stupid and vile contraption as he previously drew yapontsy.Ochen well and what each character - the identity of one hundred percent, everyone has their own story, their problems, their goals and their world - Ironhide is torn between his former leader, which he was betrayed and new friends, with whom he lived for ten years together, talking,cooperates. Roadbuster creates idols, all trying to show himself, to prove to everyone that he is a strong, intelligent, hardy, but gradually grows, and with experience changed for the better. On the shoulders of Convoy lie enormous complexity of the solution and not just appears a difficult choice.Mega Zarak (Skorponok) is torn between Galvatron and its creator. Merry SandStorm just fun for fun, boldly rushes into battle shouting " Lalilaliluuu! ", Enjoying reserves around the destruction of the (same make and receiver - Snowstorm). Kicker going through adolescence,and often gives in boyish, not realizing the situation, but under the guidance of their friends gets the wisdom and the ability to intelligently myslit.Plyus to the entire series is filled with meaning from beginning to end, there is intrigue, there is the story, each character does not play a role, and creates a more one element of the picture... There have unpredictable things,and the world is more complicated than it seems at first glance. Alpha-Q shows everyone his true face, Kicker plays an important role in the events of the world of enormous robots. In general, it is the other Transformers. This is a level higher than we have seen before. This is - a step forward, a step a huge and powerful. All described,high quality soundtrack, and much more, make SuperLink in my opinion the best series about transformerov.Opisanie with

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Anime Transformers Superlink (TV) (Transformers Energon) 2004
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