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Toward the Terra TV

Image for anime mult Toward the Terra TV

Year: 2007

Genre: war, adventures, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yamasaki Osamu

Autor: Takemiya Keiko

Studio: Tokyo Kids

Time: 24 min

Description of Toward the Terra TV

In the distant future, mankind has left Earth and settled perishing on outer space. Now civilization controls the supercomputer, and to avoid repetition of past mistakes,New rules have been introduced: every teenager has to come to a special exam for maturity. The main danger facing our people is Mew - whether a mutation, or a new stage of development, bestowing superhuman sposobnosti.Chtoby cope with this threat, all children with signs of Mew immediately isolated.But some "mutants" possible to avoid such a fate - led by the strongest Mew, they confront humanity and dream to come back to the beautiful Terry... Everything begins with an exam, which takes young Jomi, but it is not the only protagonist.Chronologically, the series spans several decades: during this time manages to generational change, new figures come out in the political arena, and yesterday`s cadets Academy head space fleet. The scale of the battles, and the global nature of the issues raised is combined with the problems of personal choice,in which feelings and memories are important rol.Snyaty manga, published in the 70s of the twentieth century, the series carefully reproduces the spirit of "romantic fiction" and is one of the best representatives of the genre of space opera.

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