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Toriko TV-2

Image for anime mult Toriko TV-2

Year: 2013

Genre: fantasy, shounen, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Zako Akifumi

Autor: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of Toriko TV-2

Continued Anime Toriko. " Imagine a huge planet where all the inhabitants are subject to reasonable thinking how to properly and tastefully,plainly and emphatically to eat! Food was erected in the cult, even the powers that be do not think about the enslavement of new nations, and drawing up their own dinner menu. Only a third of the territory - lived-in world of the people, which is ruled by the IHO - International Gourmet Organization, although lacking and rogue states, and shadow syndicates.Everything else - the boundless world of Gourmets, where in the wild and hostile nature, you can find rare plants and legendary animals that give new ingredients unique dishes. Of course, entry into the world, teeming with dangerous predators and portals to other universes, is open only to the elite.The heroes of the world are skilled chefs, and a special class of hunters that enter the world of gourmets in search of new knowledge and tastes. Toriko - a young but already well-known hunter - gourmet, tasting new dishes which gives superhuman abilities, insatiable appetite and great thirst for the new. His partner Komatsu - young genius cooking,Toriko fascinated abilities to the discovery of unseen ingredients. Friendly tandem moves from adventure to adventure, trying to realize a common dream - to create the best in the history of a full meal, the main dish is simply called " divine ". And you have it, by chance, have not tried?

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Anime Toriko 2 Toriko TV episode 2 online free watch on
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Anime Toriko 2 Toriko TV episode 2 online free watch on
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