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Image for anime mult Tonagura!

Year: 2006

Genre: ecchi, daily, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Abe Tatsuya

Autor: Yagi Norihiro

Studio: Doumu

Time: 25 min

Description of Tonagura!

Kazuki Arisaka student in the first grade of high school, but still cherishes the memory of his childhood in love - boy next door Yuji. Families Arisaka and Kagura lived in the neighborhood, the windows in the windows, and children - and Yuji Kazuki, Marie and Hatsune - played together. Then my parents moved Yuji,and Kazuki remembered his best friend for ten years and took care never handed him a love note. And - oh, I wonder about, the performance expectations!!! - Yuji Kagura returned to his former home. Kazuki We will welcome the opportunity to give him a letter and open heart... She had passed unnoticed for ten years. But not for Yuji - he grew up,matured and hard transfers youthful hormonal revolution. So instead of a gentle boy over the balcony from Kazuki settles seriously troubled teen...

Images and photos of Tonagura!

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