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Tomorrow`s Joe 2 Movie

Image for anime mult Tomorrow`s Joe 2 Movie

Year: 1981

Genre: drama, shounen, sport

Type: ova

Producer: Dezaki Osamu

Autor: Chiba Tetsuya

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 110 min

Description of Tomorrow`s Joe 2 Movie

Six months after the accident tragic event with Joe in the fight against Rikiishi. Joe believes he has overcome death Rikkishi and decides to come back. It makes a successful comeback, 5 KO delivered crushing blows to his opponent. Then Joe gives a shot at the national title, but boxing commission wants to suppress it. Champion,Tiger Ozeki uses habits Joe, and he admits defeat. Joe is afraid to strike in the face because of what happened with Rikiishi...

Images and photos of Tomorrow`s Joe 2 Movie

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