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Tokyo Babylon

Image for anime mult Tokyo Babylon

Year: 1992

Genre: bl_gl, shoujo, detective

Type: ova

Producer: Chigira Koichi

Autor: Urahata Tatsuhiko

Studio: Madhouse Studios|animate

Time: 50 min

Description of Tokyo Babylon

Since ancient times Sumeragi clan was the foremost among ommёdzi, magicians who defended Tokyo from evil spirits, pacifying them. Sixteen Subaru Sumeragi inherited from the famous clan of descendants of the primacy, but,in spite of the formidable power of magic, remains modest and intelligent lad, so feminine that it sometimes can be confused with the green-eyed beauty Hokuto, twin sister. With his brother and sister Sumeragi inseparable Seysiro Sakuradzuka, a veterinary surgeon and also ommёdzi, not inferior to the power of magic to Subaru.Hokuto obviously partial to a friend of the family, but my heart belongs to her brother Seysiro. In the first episode, Subaru hired to remove the curse from the place of construction of the grandiose skyscrapers on the waterfront of Tokyo, a number of whose leaders suffered a strange death, in the second - it helps the police to catch a serial killer - sadist.In both cases, the young magician with the support of Hokuto and Seysiro comes into confrontation with the dark forces of Tokyo, lurk for a luxurious facade thriving metropolis, night view is alarming and dangerous.

Images and photos of Tokyo Babylon

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Tokyo Babylon Tokyo Babylon
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