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Togainu no Chi

Image for anime mult Togainu no Chi

Year: 2010

Genre: drama, fiction, boys

Type: tv_series

Producer: Konno Naoyuki

Autor: Kagami Takaya

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 24 min

Description of Togainu no Chi

Japan, split in half the Third World War, is in steep decline. While on the islands of civilization in the Western and Eastern parts of the country,life is not sweet, and young people are desperately fighting in the streets, there`s at least have the strength to maintain law and order. But once the richest in the Kanto metropolitan area for a long time no civilization, no order. Ruined City Toshima, former Tokyo, ruled by a syndicate of drug traffickers has become an arena of games - a deadly battle for survival,the objectives of which is much deeper than it seems. The protagonist, a young man named Akira, enters the game not on their own, but there is no return. However, roll in Toshima and survived the early days, Akira, the champion of MMA, I realized that there are some rules, because does not work without them to organize people`s lives.Do nothing - you have to play a game where someone hopes for skill, someone on the weapon, someone on a drug called "drop". And the main law is simple: worthy contender, winning strong opponents, meets with the "king" - an unbeatable fighter, lord, and perhaps the game`s creator.Without this meeting did not get the answers and do not open the way to freedom, and therefore, it is sure to take place, and woe to the vanquished! BL games Togainu no Chi from the company Nitro + CHiRAL.

Images and photos of Togainu no Chi

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